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Substance Addiction Recovery

The substances included in addiction recovery can include alcohol and both legal and illegal drugs. In the case of drug addition, the student has rights as long as they are not using drugs, There is a recognition in the law that recovering alcoholics may relapse and require additional treatment as a form of accommodation.
Recovery from substance addiction is a lifelong process and as such, there is no time limit on its duration. The causes of addiction are not fully understood, but researchers are exploring the theory that some people have a genetic vulnerability to addiction. Experts also believe that a person's environment, peer pressure, and mental health issues can contribute to the onset of drug or alcohol abuse; after which the positive feelings of the drug and the biochemical reactions result in addiction. It is also common for substance abuse to be a dual diagnosis issue especially in young populations where students use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate another medical or psychological condition.

Observing Substance Addiction Recovery in the Classroom

  • May be absent more than other students
  • Might be easily distractible
  • May overreact to stress


Related Functional Characteristics

Long Term Memory Deficit : Neurological damage from previous substance abuse can impair the ability to retrieve what has already been learned.

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