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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a feeling of overwhelming exhaustion that is not remedied by bed rest and may be exacerbated by vigorous physical or mental activity. It is diagnosed as a syndrome if the fatigue has been severe enough to interfere with quality of life for more than 6 months.
Chronic fatigue is characterized by fatigue, memory or concentration loss, muscle pain, sore throat, headaches, lymph node pain and swelling, and severe exhaustion after physical or mental activity. The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome fluctuate and are highly variable in severity. Students with chronic fatigue syndrome may also report difficulties with word finding, reading comprehension, mathematic calculations, or information retention as a result of cognitive fatigue. Physical issues such as blurred vision, light sensitivity, joint pain, balance problems, mental fogginess, or numbness may be concerns.

Observing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the Classroom

Faculty might observe the following in students with chronic fatigue syndrome:

  • May seem inattentive
  • Might be absent more often because of susceptability to infection or viruses
  • May appear to be fatigued


Related Functional Characteristics

Fatigue (Physical) : Students with CFS experience long-term, ongoing physical fatigue. Students with CFS may have headaches, muscle pain, sore throat, poor quality sleep, or experience exhaustion after physical or mental activity.

Pain Management : Students with chronic fatigue syndrome may experience headaches, tender lymph nodes, or muscle or joint aches.

Susceptibility to Infection : Blood infections have been found to be common in those who experience chronic fatigue.

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