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A scribe is someone who writes or types what a student dictates for a written exam.

Scribes are used most often with students with a temporary disability or for a student who is unable to use a keyboard or a voice recognition system. When working with a scribe, the student is responsible for punctuation marks, indicating sentences and paragraphs, and spelling in the case of a foreign language exam or an exam where knowledge of spelling is critical. The student is responsible for proofreading what the scribe has written for accuracy. A scribe must record exactly what the student says and may not edit or alter student work in any way. Use of a scribe requires testing in a private testing environment.



The student is responsible for providing documentation of the need for a scribe to the services for students with disabilities office and to work with the faculty and the services office to facilitate the accommodation including scheduling exams in advance so a scribe can be secured.


Faculty are responsible for providing the exam to the services office and collaborating with the services office with information concerning the administration of the exam when the student is using a scribe.


The services for students with disabilities office is responsible for notifying faculty of the student’s need to use a scribe, ensuring that the scribe follows the faculty instructions, and for providing an appropriate testing environment.


Related Functional Characteristics

Motor Skill (Fine) : Students who lack the fine motor skills to write may need a scribe to record their exam answers.

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