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Room on Ground Floor

A ground floor room provides accessibility and safety for students who are unable to use stairs or need to quickly exit a building.

A ground floor room may be necessary for students who are unable to use stairs and live in residence halls without elevators, need to quickly exhibit in an emergency because of breathing issues or who require assistance in evacuation in an emergency.



The student has a responsibility to provide documentation of the need for a ground floor room to the services for students with disabilities office and to indicate on their housing application form the need for a ground floor room.


Faculty do not have any responsibilities for this accommodation.


It is the responsibility of the services for students with disabilities office to determine eligibility for this accommodation and to notify housing/residential services of the student’s need.Housing/residential services is responsible for providing a room assignment on the ground floor.


Related Functional Characteristics

Motor Skill (Gross Lower) : A residential room on the ground floor provides allows students to evacuate quickly.

Breathing Difficulty : A ground floor room allows students with breathing difficulties the ability to quickly evacuate a building in an emergency and to avoid stairs if the residence hall doesn’t have elevators.

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