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Private Testing Environment

A private testing environment allows a student with a disability to take an exam in a location where they will not be disturbed and will not disturb other students.

A Private Testing Environment is different from a distraction-reduced environment because in the latter the student may not necessarily be completely alone. A private testing environment might be appropriate to allow the student to use strategies on the exam that would be prohibitive in other environments (e.g. reading aloud) or if the student could distract others during an exam. A private testing environment may be provided by the faculty member or the Services for Students with Disabilities office, depending on each institution's procedures.



The student is responsible for notifying the services for students with disabilities office if they require a private testing environment, and for alerting the services office if there are any problems with receiving this accommodation.


Faculty are responsible for coordinating with the services for students with disabilities office in locating a private testing environment for the student.


The services for students with disabilities office is responsible for providing a private testing environment if the faculty are not providing one, and for notifying faculty of the student's right to take exams in a private testing environment.


Related Functional Characteristics

Processing Deficit (Language) : A private testing environment allows students to read aloud or use text-to-speech software.

Distracting Behavior : A private testing environment is necessary so students will not distract others.

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