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Personal Care Attendant and Medical Equipment Access

Personal care access refers to the need for a student's personal care attendant to have access to their residence hall and room.

A student who has personal care needs may require an attendant or home health aide to assist them, assistance with and maintenance of specialized medical equipment, or time to receive treatments using specialized equipment.



The student should notify the services for students with disabilities office and residential housing, prior to living on campus, if they need access for a personal care attendant.


Faculty do not have any responsibilities for personal care attendant access.


The services for students with disabilities office is responsible for notifying housing/residential services that the student has a legitimate need for personal care attendant access. Housing/residential services will need to coordinate with the student to arrange for personal attendant care access.


Related Functional Characteristics

Personal Care/ Medical Equipment Needs : Personal care attendants must have 24-hour access to the student's residence room in order to effectively provide care to the student.

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