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Flashing Fire Alarm

A flashing fire alarm provides a visual cue in the form of a flashing light for students who cannot hear an auditory alarm.

In student housing where students who are deaf or hard of hearing live, flashing fire alarms are necessary. Such alarms are permanent fixtures that flash in the event of a fire or other emergency; the light must be visible to students in their rooms. Installing a flashing fire alarm is the responsibility of the campus housing authority.



It is the responsibility of students to notify the services for students with disabilities office if they need a flashing fire alarm, and to alert the services office if there are any problems with the alarm during an emergency drill.


Faculty do not have any responsibilities for this accommodation.


The university or college is responsible for providing flashing fire alarms in residence halls rooms that can be assigned to students with hearing impairments. Housing forms should ask students if they require flashing fire alarms in their rooms.


Related Functional Characteristics

Hearing Loss : A flashing fire alarm provides a visual warning of a fire to students who may be unable to hear the fire alarm.

Deafness : A flashing fire alarm provides a visual notification of an emergency for a student with deafness.

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