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Extended Time (Unlimited with Scribe or Assistance)

Unlimited time means that there is no set time limit for taking a test or exam.

Some students with disabilities require unlimited time in order to demonstrate their knowledge or performance level. Unlimited time is provided by the faculty in collaboration with the disability support services office. Unlimited time is given in situations where a student is unable to control the pace of taking the examination, such as when the student relies on assistance from a scribe or reader to take the exam.



It is the responsibility of the student to notify the services for students with disabilities office if they need unlimited time on exams, and to inform faculty, at least a week prior to the exam, of the scheduled date and time.


If the exam is being administered by the services for students with disabilities office, faculty are responsible for providing the exam to the services office at least one day prior to the scheduled time whenever possible.


The services for students with disabilities office is responsible for notifying the faculty of the student's right to receive unlimited time, and for administering the exam when faculty cannot.


Related Functional Characteristics

Motor Skill (Fine) : A student who uses a scribe or an AAC device is unable to control the amount of time it takes to complete a written task.

Blindness : Students receive unlimited time on exams because the amount of time required to complete a vocalized exam or braille exam will vary depending on the student and the exam.

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