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Dietary Accommodation

Dietary Assistance involves providing help to students who need to control their intake of certain foods or ingredients for medical reasons.

Students with special dietary needs might require certain dining services or housing accommodations in order to control their intake of certain food. Students might not be able to eat a certain food or ingredient, or may need to eat or drink on a prescribed schedule. Providing dietary assistance can involve making ingredient lists and amounts available, providing a refrigerator in the student’s room or access to a kitchen, guaranteeing allergen-free food options, providing allergy-free food activities in a class or allowing a student to eat or drink in class for disability related needs.



The student is responsible for notifying the services for students with disabilities office if they require dietary accommodations, and specifically if they will need those accommodations in a class setting. It is the responsibility of students to communicate with faculty if their dietary accommodations will be required in a class setting. Students should also alert the services office if there are any problems with their dietary accommodations.


If food is a necessary component of the class, or if a student needs to eat or drink in class for medical needs, faculty have a responsibility to coordinate appropriate dietary accommodations with the student, in a manner that maintains their confidentiality.




Related Functional Characteristics

Dietary Needs : Students may need to consult with dining services or faculty in order to meet their dietary requirements or avoid food or ingredients that would trigger adverse physical reactions.

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