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Accessible Testing Site

An accessible testing site has sufficient space and includes any special equipment or furniture necessary to accommodate students with disabilities.

Students who use a motorized scooter or wheelchair or who have mobility impairments may require accessible testing accommodations. Accessible testing accommodation could involve changing the testing location for the student to a different location than the majority of students in order to increase physical access, or altering the conditions of the testing setting. Accessible testing sites must have sufficient room for wheelchair movement and tables at an appropriate height in compliance with ADAAG regulations. All necessary test materials and adaptive equipment or furniture should be available at the testing site as well as a testing supervisor who has been given clear instructions about test administration procedures..



Students who require an accessible testing site are responsible for notifying the services for students with disabilities office and collaborating with faculty in advance regarding their need for an accessible testing site.


Faculty have a responsibility to coordinate with the services office or testing center and the student to facilitate testing accommodations, including special equipment.


It is the responsibility of the services for students with disabilities office to assist faculty in providing accessible testing accommodations. This may include testing in an alternate location, or providing special equipment or assistance.


Related Functional Characteristics

Motor Skill (Gross Lower) : Accessible testing sites are necessary to accommodate the disability-related needs of students with mobility impairments.

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