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Accessible Classroom

Accessible classrooms must have a clear accessible path outside the classroom and space within the classroom to accommodate a student using a motorized scooter, wheelchair, walker or other alternative transportation device.

To ensure accessibility, classroom doors and aisle ways should be at least 36 inches wide. A 5 foot radius is necessary to accommodate a wheelchair or cart and allow it to turn around. Accessibility en route to the class should also be considered. Walkways should be adequately shoveled and/or sanded when snow or ice is present; If construction work will block accessible sidewalks or entrances then alternative routes to the classroom should be clearly identified.



Students are responsible for providing their class schedule to the services for students with disabilities office. In addition, students need to notify the services office of any temporary barriers such as sidewalk repair or snow removal so the office can contact the appropriate offices. Many colleges and universities have snow routes and students are responsible for knowing where those routes are and for notifying the appropriate offices if they are not clear.


Faculty are responsible for notifying the services for students with disabilities office if a classroom environment requires alteration to ensure access to a particular student or for a particular activity.


It is the responsibility of the services for students with disabilities office to coordinate with classroom schedulers to provide accessible classrooms and routes for qualified students. The services office also has a responsibility to collaborate with faculty in providing resources for specific accessibility challenges.


Related Functional Characteristics

Motor Skill (Gross Lower) : Students using wheelchairs, canes or crutches will require an accessible classroom.

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