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Ability to Stand in Class

The ability to stand in class allows students with chronic pain or other physical disabilities toavoid sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Students may need to stand up for short periods of time during class or for the entire class time to alleviate pain. Students should collaborate with faculty to find a way to stand with the least disruption to the class.



Students are responsible for contacting and communicating with faculty about their need to stand in class. Students are responsible for causing as little disruption as possible.


It is the responsibility of faculty to coordinate with the student in helping to allow the accommodation with the least disruption to other students and to maintain the student’s right to confidientiality concerning the need for accommodation.


The administration is responsible for notifying faculty about the student’s right to accommodation and to provide consultation concerning accommodation strategies.


Related Functional Characteristics

Inability to Stay Awake : Allowing students to stand or change positions may help them to stay awake in class.

Pain Management : Allowing students to stand or change positions during class may reduce or minimize pain.

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