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Ability to Leave the Classroom

Ability to leave the classroom allows a student to depart without disturbing the class for a disability related reason.

Some students may need to leave the classroom for medical or other disability-related reason. The student will generally sit close to the door to avoid disturbing the class if the need to leave arises. These occasions may be infrequent and the student will typically return to class in a few minutes.



Students are responsible for communicating with faculty in advance about their need to periodically leave the classroom and for sitting where they can leave with the least disruption to the class.


Faculty are responsible for working with the student on allowing the student to leave the classroom when necessary, with as little disturbance to the class and protecting the student's privacy to the greatest extent possible. If difficulties arise, it would be best to contact the student privately or consult the Services for Students with Disabilities office for advice.


The services for students with disabilities office is responsible for notifying faculty about the student's need to occasionally leave the classroom for disability-related needs.


Related Functional Characteristics

Seizures : Some students can recognize when a seizure is likely and may need to leave class to avoid triggers or lie down to reduce physical risk.

Bodily Function Control : Students may need to leave class abruptly to address physical needs.

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