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Production (Written) (3C)

Written production is the creation or demonstration of knowledge in a written format.
Students with written production problems have processing deficits that impact their ability to write. For these students the need to focus on the writing process itself (e.g. idea production, word choice, organization) may limit their ability to demonstrate their knowledge through writing. Students with written production problems often struggle with spelling and the production of coherent sentences which influence how others perceive their written work. Slow written production may also be an issue for these students.

Formal Diagnostics

Diagnosis of a written production difficulty would be provided by a psychologist, a learning disability specialist, or a speech language therapist.

Intake Questions

  • Do you have difficulty with spelling?
  • Do you have difficulty with grammar?
  • Do you have significant difficulty organizing your ideas into a good paper?
  • What accommodations or strategies have been effective in the past?


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