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Visual Tracking Problem (2A)

Visual tracking problems involve difficulty following an object horizontally, vertically or diagonally; this can include letters, words, numbers, or complex diagrams.
Difficulties with visual tracking may make it hard for students to read written text or to process information in a table or a graph. Deficits in visual tracking pose especially difficult problems for students in mathematics courses, when looking at complex charts, graphs, tables, or diagrams or when they need to do extensive reading especially of small print. It also causes difficulties when using computer programs that require the use of a mouse to control a cursor or arrow on the screen.

Formal Diagnostics

Diagnostic information may be provided by a physician or an ophthalmologist.

Intake Questions

  • Can you visually focus on an object?
  • Can you follow a sentence or formula across a page?
  • Do you struggle to figure out where your mouse has gone on the computer screen often?
  • What accommodations or strategies have been effective in the past?


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