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Glare Sensitivity (2A)

Glare sensitivity is eye pain or discomfort due to exposure to bright light.
Glare is caused by the reflection off a white page or computer screen from fluorescent overhead lights or other direct light. Glare sensitivity can result in visual distortion, eye strain, and headaches and as such, impacts a student's ability to concentrate and work on academic activities.

Formal Diagnostics

  • Diagnostic information referring to sensitivity to light or glare would be indicators of glare sensitivity.

Intake Questions

  • Do you find bright light to be particularly jarring or painful?
  • Does stepping into a brightly lit room or outdoors on a sunny day feel like "walking into a white wall"?
  • Do you frequently find yourself shading your eyes or forgetting to remove sunglasses when reading?
  • Does glare/reflection on a page make it difficult for you to read or focus on your reading?
  • What accommodations or strategies have been effective in the past?


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