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Pain Management (1B)

Pain management is coping and dealing with chronic pain (e.g. back injury) or recurrent severe pain (e.g. migraine headaches).
Certain conditions and diseases can cause recurring pain that cannot be completely controlled with medication. Students with significant pain can experience fatigue and a lack of concentration. In the case of back, joint, or muscle pain; certain chairs or other equipment may be necessary in the classroom. Alterations in laboratory environments may be needed to eliminate long periods of standing or sitting. In addition, there are side effects related to the pain medications that some students need to take to control their pain. These side effects can include concentration and memory problems.

Formal Diagnostics

A physician's diagnosis of a medical condition related to the need for pain management would be appropriate documentation.

Intake Questions

  • Do you need to have a specific class schedule in terms of time or breaks between classes to allow for treatment, medication, or resting?
  • Do you need special seating or other equipment as a result of your medical condition?
  • Do you have any other needs related to managing chronic pain?
  • What accommodations or strategies have been effective in the past?


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