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Motor Skill (Fine) (1A)

Problems with fine motor skills involve a lack of control or coordination of the small muscle movements in the hands and fingers.
A student who has a problem with fine motor skills may not be able to grasp, tap their fingers individually, or control their fingers or hands to write legibly. When a student has difficulties with fine motor skills, physical acts such as writing or drawing can be difficult or impossible. Students may not be able to complete tasks such as focusing a microscope or typing on a regular keyboard.

Formal Diagnostics

A physician's diagnosis of a medical condition that could impact fine motor skills would be sufficient documentation.

Intake Questions

  • Do you have difficulty writing?
  • Are you restricted in how long you can write or draw?
  • Can you pick up and control small objects?
  • Can you adjust a microscope or a radio dial?
  • Can you write legibly?
  • Can you use a regular keyboard?
  • What accommodations or strategies have been effective in the past?


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